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End of Manhunt: Suspect in Lewiston Mass Shootings Found Dead in Tragic Conclusion

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A dayslong manhunt for the suspect in the mass shootings at the Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley and Schemengees Bar and Grille in Lewiston, Maine has come to an end.[0] Robert Card, the suspected gunman, was found dead on Friday night of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.[1] The news of his death came as a relief after days of anxiety and fear as an armed and dangerous man was on the loose. Card's body was discovered in Lisbon Falls, Maine, in a box trailer located in an overflow parking lot for the Maine Recycling Corporation.[2]

Authorities found a note addressed to a “loved one” during their investigation. Although it was not an explicit suicide note, the note included access codes to Card's bank accounts and cellphone, which investigators are currently examining.[3] A separate note was also found at Card's home, again addressed to a “loved one.” This note indicated that Card was not planning to be around much longer and included his phone passcode and bank account numbers.[4]

Card had been a U.S. Army reservist since December 2002, holding the rank of sergeant first class.[4] He worked as a petroleum supply specialist and had no combat deployments. The Army confirmed his status as a reservist and clarified that he was not trained as a firearms instructor.

The 40-year-old Card enlisted in the Army in 2002 while studying engineering technology at the University of Maine.[5] He never graduated and instead focused on his military career. He worked his way up to the rank of sergeant first class and received commendations such as the Army Achievement Medal and the Humanitarian Service Medal.[4] He held the military specialty of “petroleum supply specialist.”

The mass shootings in Lewiston left a devastating toll, with 18 people killed and 13 injured.[6] It was the deadliest shooting incident in 2023, adding to the alarming number of over 500 mass shootings in the United States this year.[7] The victims have been identified by authorities, and a Family Assistance Center has been set up in Lewiston to provide support and help to those affected.

The investigation into the shootings revealed that Card had been behaving erratically during his deployment with his Army Reserve Unit to Camp Smith Training Center in upstate New York over the summer.[8] Concerns were raised about his mental health, and law enforcement was contacted for his safety.[8]

It was also discovered that Card legally purchased the firearms used in the shootings. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) confirmed that the recovered guns were obtained by Card through legal means.

The discovery of Card's body in the trailer came after an expanded search of an overflow parking lot across the street from the recycling plant.[3] The area had been previously cleared twice by police, but the owner of the business encouraged a more thorough search. The exact location of Card's body was not revealed.

President Joe Biden expressed his condolences to the Lewiston community and called on Republicans in Congress to take action to end the gun violence epidemic in the United States.[3] The mass shootings in Maine have once again highlighted the urgent need for comprehensive gun control measures to ensure the safety of all Americans.[6]

The tragic events in Lewiston have left a lasting impact on the community and the nation as a whole. It is essential that steps are taken to prevent such senseless acts of violence and to address the underlying issues that contribute to them. The focus should be on promoting mental health, implementing stricter gun control laws, and providing support and resources to those affected by mass shootings. Only through collective efforts can we hope to create a safer and more peaceful society for all.

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